Why Zen

Far from being some esoteric system of thought from a bygone time, Zen is as relevant as ever.  More than a philosophy and not quite a religion, Zen is compatible with most everyone.  With Zen, there is no deity to worship, no dogma, no scripture.  There is no conflict with being a devout Catholic, Muslim or Jew, say, and following Zen.  If I was to try and distill my thoughts on "Why Zen?" it would look like this:

Why Zen?

   Because we live in a crazy world, and in this crazy world, the things that really matter often get lost.

Because Zen points to wholeness in a world where things seem disjointed. 

Because Zen finds depth in a world that is frequently shallow.

Because Zen offers clarity in a world that is complex and confusing.

Because Zen brings calm to a world that is increasingly anxious.

Because Zen expands the universe that others seek to shrink.

Because the desire for that which is authentic and meaningful burns inside all of us, even if we do not know it.


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